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Portfolio Construction

At Samra Wealth Management, we believe in individualized portfolio construction to suit the individual needs of our clients.  Our goals based philosophy differs from traditional investment planning where advisors only look to out perform a market index or benchmark. We believe in connecting your wealth to your personal and financial goals.  Our process brings structure and discipline to your dynamic financial plan.

We quantify for our clients the likelihood of reaching important personal and financial goals.  This goals-based philosophy helps our clients to focus on their goals and place less of an emphasis on the performance of broad market indicators. 

Each of our clients receives a Morningstar Portfolio X-Ray, providing in-depth details on sector and geographic allocation.

We believe in educating our clients on risk.  Oftentimes we find new client portfolios are poorly allocated, creating a scenario where clients are exposed to excessive risk through over-diversification or are not benefiting from market exposure due to an overly conservative strategy. 

Alternative Investments

Alternative assets allow investors to hedge portfolio risk with the inclusion of non-traditional asset classes,  typically consisting of Hedge Funds, Real Estate, Private Equity and Commodities.  These assets have shown little to no correlation to traditional investments and can be used to either hedge risk, or gain exposure to riskier asset classes.  At Samra Wealth Management, we believe alternative investments exposure is best gained through Structured Notes.  Similar to a bond with a defined maturity date, the performance of structured notes is dependent on an underlying security or benchmark such as the S&P 500, price of gold or oil.  In select cases, these investments can be enhanced for increased upside exposure, downside protection and FDIC insured. 

For Qualified Clients and Qualified Purchasers, Samra Wealth Management will work directly with the issuer of the Structured Note to provide a customized client solution with a minimum investment requirement of $1 million.