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Most clients have sophisticated financial needs that go far beyond market returns and portfolio performance.  At Samra Wealth Management, the goal is to work with clients to ensure proactive, unbiased investment advice is provided and customized to meet their individual needs.  As a Private Wealth Advisor, what is important to the select clients of SWM is paramount and the day to day fluctuations of the financial markets is secondary, which, in turn, helps them reach their personal and financial goals.


Over 90% of the clients we meet invest without a plan, unsure how close they are to reaching their financial goals.  We help to clear the uncertainty and quantify the likelihood of reaching their goals.


At Samra Wealth Management, a team approach is critical to a successful advisory relationship.  This team may consist of the client's wealth advisor and may include, but are not limited to, the client's: Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Trust & Estate Attorney, Probate Attorney, Immigration Attorney, as well as a Separately Managed Account Manager.  Working with a team of trusted professionals ensures the continuity of a vital relationship.  


At Samra Wealth Management we promote a fee-only philosophy, ensuring clients are not charged an upfront fee for investments and are alternatively assessed a management fee for their assets under management.  The aim of SWM is to provide clients with peace of mind. 

Private Wealth Advisors


Indy Samra is a Private Wealth Advisor and Financial Market Commentator with Samra Wealth Management, a member of Advisory Services Network, LLC.  His work with select families and businesses covers a full range of issues related to wealth management, including investment strategy and portfolio construction, trust & estate planning, taxation, philanthropy, exit strategy formation as well as insurance planning.


Prior to joining Samra Wealth Management in 2016, Indy was a Financial Advisor with a premier wealth management team with Merrill Lynch, where his practice focused on working with wealthy families. Previously, Indy was a Private Client Banker with J. P. Morgan, where he managed client relationships with affluent and well-known public figures.


Indy received a Master of Business Administration from the University of Liverpool.  Indy also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from California State University, Sacramento.


During his free time, Indy and his wife, Dr. Jenan Agnihotri enjoy traveling, skiing, golf, and spending time with their daughters, Sophia and Sonia.  Indy co-Chairs the Punjabi Chamber of Commerce New Jersey Chapter, where his efforts support minority-owned businesses and the mentoring of future generations.  Indy serves on the advisory board of SAVA (The Sikh American Veterans Alliance) and is a board member of One Project, a coalition of faith and community leaders looking to unite people to work as ONE to better the community.  


Pooja Chawla is a Private Wealth Advisor with Samra Wealth Management, a member of Advisory Services Network, LLC.  Pooja is dedicated to helping her clients develop financial and investment strategies that line up with their needs, goals and risk tolerance. Whether you are planning your retirement, saving for your children's or grandchildren's education, or looking to preserve your wealth, Pooja can help. Pooja’s mission is to provide every client with targeted, comprehensive financial advice and portfolio management - delivered with the highest level of personal service and professional integrity.


Prior to joining Samra Wealth Management in 2019, Pooja worked in the Investment and Banking Industry for over 15 years. Her career has spanned with Wells Fargo & Company over 10 years, through Wells Fargo Advisors and Wells Fargo - The Private Bank, Morgan Stanley & Co, and Third Federal Bank (through mergers, now BB&T). 


Pooja received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Temple University – Fox School of Business & Management, with concentrations in Finance and Real Estate.


During her free time, Pooja is a foodie who enjoys traveling and cooking. 

"Our advisors do not meet with our clients to tell them their portfolios are up 5%, they meet with them to tell them how close they are to reaching their goals"

— Indy Samra, Samra Wealth Management


A Dynamic Plan That Evolves With You...

Over 90% of the clients we meet invest without a plan, unsure how close they are to reaching their financial goals.  

We help to clear the uncertainty and quantify the likelihood of reaching their goals.


At the core of our business is our goals-based wealth management model.  A dynamic plan that evolves as your needs and means grow.  Without a plan, there is no quantitative method to measure the distance or likelihood of reaching your goals.  At Samra Wealth Management, the majority of our clients receive a financial plan as part of our uncompromised attention to our service model.


We help our clients by clearing the uncertainty and quantifying the likelihood of reaching important personal and financial goals.  Our system allows us to connect with individuals on a personal level, identify their goals, and determine the probability of reaching these financial goals by using a Monte Carlo simulation and utilizing non-proprietary financial planning software.  Our approach is an alternative to the common approach used by advisors in the industry, where meeting consists of discussing portfolio returns.  Our approach at Samra Wealth Management quantifies for the client the ability to reach their goals, in terms of probability.



Some advisors avoid discussions involving fees. However, at Samra Wealth Management, total transparency ensures all our clients know the fee structure and identify any fees in their portfolios outside of Samra Wealth Management.  We publish the fee schedule by which we charge our clients.  We believe this helps our clients feel that they are treated fairly and equally.

We believe our advisory fees remain below the industry standard, while our services continue to exceed our clients expectations. 

We take transparency to the next level, taking the time to inform our clients how their investments affect the environment, conflict with any personal beliefs, or create unrest in the world.  We also make a commitment to each of our clients to make no political contributions or pay for lobbying activities, as we believe our philosophy should align closely with that of our clients. 


Our offices use computers from Apple, as we believe in investing in technology for the protection of our clients information is paramount.  We use cloud based technology platforms and periodically review our systems to ensure they continue to ensure reliability.  Although most investment firms may not have the capacity to change their software as they may like, at Samra Wealth Management we believe you can not operate effectively using subpar technology in a fast-paced world. 


Unlike typical advisory relationships, our Private Wealth Advisor provides clear and open communication through avoiding technical jargon and listening to what is most important to our clients.  At Samra Wealth Management we provide our clients with the following:

  • Cloud based communication

  • Monthly client newsletter via email.

  • All clients are provided with advisor’s cell phone number. 



Our Private Wealth Advisor looks to provide clients with a strategy, unlike the typical financial advisory relationship that involves the sale and holding of mutual funds and other passive investments.  Our clients benefit from: 

  • SMA’s available through through our custodial relationships.

  • Managed Model ETF portfolio, correlating with the clients’ risk tolerance.