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About Us

We focus on the inherent needs of our clients, tailoring solutions to build or transfer wealth, protect and preserve income & wealth, establish taxation strategies, create insurance plans and assist with succession or exit planning.

With the rising conflict of financial firms creating and manufacturing investment products and managing assets, at Samra Wealth Management customized portfolio design individualized for each client alleviates this conflict.  As fiduciaries, we are transparent and place the interest of our clients first.

 Our advisory solutions capabilities allow us to serve Federal, State & Municipal Government, Institutions and Endowments, Corporations and individuals throughout the United States. 

A Moral Compass

"Our Advisors have a moral compass, that always points in the right direction"

Indy Samra



Most clients have sophisticated financial needs that go far beyond market returns and portfolio performance.  At Samra Wealth Management, the goal is to work with clients to ensure proactive, unbiased investment advice is provided and customized to meet their individual needs.  As a Private Wealth Advisor, what is important to the select clients of SWM is paramount and the day to day fluctuations of the financial markets is secondary, which, in turn, helps them reach their personal and financial goals.


Over 90% of the clients we meet invest without a plan, unsure how close they are to reaching their financial goals.  We help to clear the uncertainty and quantify the likelihood of reaching their goals.


At Samra Wealth Management, a team approach is critical to a successful advisory relationship.  This team may consist of the client's wealth advisor and may include, but are not limited to, the client's: Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Trust & Estate Attorney, Probate Attorney, Immigration Attorney, as well as a Separately Managed Account Manager.  Working with a team of trusted professionals ensures the continuity of a vital relationship.  


At Samra Wealth Management we promote a fee-only philosophy, ensuring clients are not charged an upfront fee for investments and are alternatively assessed a management fee for their assets under management.  The aim of SWM is to provide clients with peace of mind. 

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