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Trust & Estate Planning

Plan now and avoid making decisions in times of duress.  A Trust & Estate plan can help alleviate stress, protect your assets and eliminate estate taxes.

At Samra Wealth Management, your financial plan incorporates the non-financial factors of your life: your family, your health and your legacy.  Samra Wealth Management works with your other advisors to develop a plan to efficiently transfer wealth to your heirs and favorite charities, protect your family and business, grow your assets, and minimize taxes.  

Working with Samra Wealth Management, we will provide you and your family the opportunity for peace of mind, ensuring your assets are invested appropriately, provided for your heirs, and your wealth will be transferred seamlessly in a tax-efficient manner.  Collaborating with Trust & Estate Attorneys, Tax Attorneys and CPAs, our estate planning strategies can help you:

  • Reduce or eliminate inheritance taxes, including estate and gift taxes

  • Plan for incapacity, know who will manage your health, and related expenses. 

  • Protect your assets from creditors

  • Determine who will care for family members with special needs

  • Ensure your business continues with a succession plan

  • Select who will care for your children, in the event you pass

  • Save your family from difficult decision making regarding your health and end of life decisions

  • Continue to support your favorite charities 

  • Determine who will care for your pets

With a collaborative approach to estate planning, we work collectively with your estate planning attorney and other advisors to provide the most comprehensive and seamless service.

Samra Wealth Management is not a tax advisor. All decisions regarding the tax implications of your investments should be made in consultation with your independent tax advisor. Samra Wealth Management does not provide tax or legal advice.  We will work with your independent tax/legal advisor to help create a plan tailored to your specific needs.  This material is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified tax advisor, attorney, and accountant or insurance advisor. Consultation with the appropriate professional should be done before any financial commitments regarding the issues related to the situation are made.  The material contained herein is for informational purposes only and does not constitute tax advice. Investors should consult with their own tax advisor or attorney with regard to their personal tax situation. A portion of income may be subject to State and local taxes. 

Neither Samra Wealth Management nor Advisory Services Network, LLC gives tax or legal advice. All decisions regarding the tax implications of your investments should be made in consultation with your independent tax or legal advisor.

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