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Our 6 Phase Financial Planning Philosophy 

Over 90% of the clients we meet invest without a plan and are unsure of how close they are to reaching their financial goals.  

We help to clear the uncertainty and quantify the likelihood of reaching their goals.


A Dynamic Financial Plan

At the core of our financial planning philosophy is a dynamic financial plan and portfolio construction.  We focus on helping clear the uncertainty and assisting in quantifying the likelihood of reaching important personal and financial goals. The dynamic financial plan allows us to connect with families and business owners on a personal level by identifying goals and helping to determine the probability of reaching these financial goals.  We feel our approach is an alternative to what we believe is a common approach used by other advisors where client meetings consist mostly of discussing portfolio returns.  In terms of probability, Samra Wealth Management helps to quantify for the client the ability to reach their goals.


If you feel lost and confused after meeting with your financial advisor, contact us now and take the first step to see if we can help clear the confusion.  

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