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Why Samra Wealth Management

1. As a fiduciary we aim to eliminate unnecessary fees such as 12B-1 Fees, in addition to reducing the fees you see and the fees you don't see.  Excessive plan fees that could eat away at participant tax benefits.

2. Model Portfolios with strategic asset allocation to help participant achieve their investment objectives, based on their individual risk tolerance and time horizon. 

3. A comprehensive employee financial planning portal with a personalized investor profile, personalized retirement income needs analysis, and debt management.  Participants have 1-on-1 access to a Financial Advisor, as well as on-demand access to educational videos.

Uncover My Fees

"37% of people don’t believe they pay any 401(k) fees, 22% didn’t know about fees and 14% don’t understand how to determine what fees they pay"


-USA Today 

Upload your fee schedule in order for us to uncover your fees.  If your current plan is provided through an insurance company, also attach your Group Annuity Contract.
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