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Why Choose Our 401k

According to Brightscope "the average cost of an employer sponsored 401(k) plan is between 0.50% and 2%, with some plans costing employers over 2% in annual fees." 

At Samra Wealth Management we can help you eliminate unnecessary fees, and for many plans cap the cost of the your plan to 0.50%, including TPA Services, Record Keeping, Administration, Custodial and Advisory fees.

Potentially reducing your administration costs by over 50%, with a customized plan including asset allocation portfolios with active management.


Review Your Plan

By identifying the fees you see, as well as the fees you don't see, we may be able to save you more than 1% in annual fees.

Start A New Plan

As an employer the thought of implementing a new 401k plan may be daunting.  However, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process.

401K Profit Sharing + Cash Balance

A solution for Highly Compensated Employees (HCE), Business Owners and Partners allowing annual contributions up to: $417,100

    Fee cap applicable to 401(k) plans with a minimum of $4,000,000, plans exceeding 100 participants are assessed a $50 per participant recording keeping charge

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